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SomatoEmotional Release

When we have suppressed emotions from trauma that has happened throughout our lives whether they are emotional or physical, we develop energy patterns that restrict the cerebral fluid and energy flow throughout our bodies.

 As  this flow becomes blocked for any reason, the body cells, deprived of the essential life force, become weakened and eventually disease then manifests. When the body’s energy flows freely and vitalizes the cells of the organs, tissues, blood and bones at an optimal level, we are in perfect health.

Energy healing promotes the body’s own healing capacity to health and well-being. SomatoEmotional Release is a gentle, non-invasive healing technique that assists individuals in releasing the energies and memories of unserving thoughts, emotions, and patterns that cause illness. Through this releasing process, they experience a release of anxiety, stress, worries, fear, confusion, aches, pains, and disease allowing greater clarity, peace of mind, and relief from symptoms of illness.  This simple, yet powerful, technique allows an individual to heal emotionally, mentally, and physically.